War Video Games: Games That Would Exercise your Wits

No one can deny that the strategic games that test the wits of the players are one of the most surreal and entertaining creation that has ever existed in the gaming industry. Whether you're a fan of violence or not, it's also hard to resist the unique enticing quality of war video games that made it one of the best type of strategic game ever. Just as the name suggests, this type of games depicts different point of views in war and in different eras and concepts which makes it broad and completely compelling and fascinating.

War Video Games can also be either fictional or harnessed from actual events that happened in the past. Both concepts hold different positive aspects that will make any avid players go wild just to have the opportunity to play them. This type of games has also managed to come a long way from its origin. Back then, war games were often used for military purposes and were played by strategists through boards or miniature versions with different pieces as representation of bases and units.

From boards, miniatures up to cards, it has finally made its most awaited entrance to the world of pc gaming. Many games has echoed throughout the history of video games that falls under the war video games category. Some of them are the Total War and its sequels, Hearts of Iron, Red Alert, Call of Duty and a whole lot more which you'll definitely find to be exquisite and jaw-dropping in their own ways.

There are many variations made from this type of game and though they may all be different from each other, they all remain undoubtedly entertaining, exciting and can easily be considered as part of the most raved games all over the globe. If you're still not in the loop, try one of this type of games and you'll surely be hooked in an instant.