Catapult Consulting - The Creators Of The War Game Trenches ll!

Many will be familiar with the Trenches ll war game which is a game based on the life and times of combat and survival in the First World War, World War 1 or Great War, this is very different than Vietnam war games. This game re-enacts life on the battlefield and is the creation of talented gaming developers Catapult Consulting.

Catapult Consulting was founded in 2008 by Aaron Morse, Dawn Morse along with Jazon Burnell. They have developed a variety of applications that have gone on to do extremely well. These include, Superball, TapDefence, Stenches and of course the original Trenches series.

These guys strive for the best and are very passionate about what they do and work with people of like minds to bring such projects to fruition. Let's take a look behind the curtain to see where these games originate from, and how they end up being played by thousands around the globe.

In their own words they believe that the success of a project takes shape early on. They listen and analyse ideas to create a clearer picture so as better to hone it. This eventually becomes what they call their vision statement, and it's this that guides their entire project, whatever it may be that they are creating.

The element of design is of great significance, and as they say for them, is not just a set of graphic elements, but more so the problem of solving a problem. To do this requires research planning and strategizing. From that they then create wire frames along with visual mock-ups. The final mock-up ends up being turned into a partially usable prototype, enabling them to gain feedback whilst they progress through the projects coding process.

Once all of the functionality has been fully implemented, it is now time for Catapult Consulting to test and test again to ensure that everything functions as it should, and meets with their own high standards. Once everything is perfect, the app is then deployed and as they say it's time for the champagne. Great minds deserve the fruits of their labor agreed?