Trenches ll Is A War Game Unlike Most, It Is Based On World War 1!

Thunder Game Works

A lot of the war games have been a little overdone. They are frequently modelled on WWll and Vietnam. Not with Trenches ll. This one goes back to the Great War of 1914-1918, the likes which have never been seen since, when soldiers dove into the trenches to stay away from the enemy fire.

Trenches ll is part of the trenches series and although it's the second official sequence, it is actually the third in the series. There is a spinoff called Stenches, which deals with a "what if" scenario where the WW1 soldiers take on zombies. This version however just expands on the original trenches theme, not something so totally diverse.

It starts with the Great War raging across Europe and the player is in command. He picks the missions to fight, causing the war zone map to branch in different directions. Each level of the game has a familiar look about it. One starts in a bunker at one end, whilst the enemy occupies the other end.

The goal is to reach the other end and destroy the enemy's bunkers first, but there's also different scenarios that take on different objectives. Also the enemy will vary depending on what army the player is in control of. Is it the British, Is it the Germans or is it the French? Each come with their own capabilities and their own different specialities. No two are the entire same.

The player will need to learn what troops to use for what. They will have a basic infantry but they can also order up snipers, machinegun fire and medics, even special bombing runs can be ordered from above or mustard gas attacks. There are many options to this game.

Probably the best part of Trenches ll, regardless of how and who wins, no matter what bad stuff happens along the way, the player always lives to fight another day. They can always restart again, with a totally different strategy and battleplan having learned from mistakes, and start all over again. Now that's something that can't be done in real life, isn't it!