Poker Tournaments

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Poker tournaments provide you with an opportunity to shine and showcase your talents to other pro players also giving you a chance to win great cash prizes. Playing in poker tournaments is fun but showing off your love of the game is even better. Check out the huge selection of poker apparel at mypokershirts, chances are you can find more than a few items you'll love to wear while you are in a tournament, or just running errands. Since there are many variants available, below are some types highlighted:

Freezeout Tournament

This is the most popular type of poker tournament. The game rule is simple, players buy chips to get into the game and play until you run out. Once the chips end, you can't rebuy a spot in the tournament.

Multi-buy tournament

This is the best type for risk takers. Players can register themselves with multiple stacks. This increases the playing options and chip count.


Unlike freezeout poker tournament, rebuy allows players to purchase chips within a particular period of time. If you happen to run out of chips during the rebuy period, you have the freedom of topping up. Players have the extra privilege of purchasing chips one last time after the rebuy period ends.

Freeroll Tournament

These are not very popular due to the high number of hunters who saturate these tournaments with the aim of profiting without spending their own money. Since freerolls are free to enter, they are great for new players to get acquainted with the competitive world of poker. If you are interested in entering some of the freeroll tournaments, redeeming casino bonus codes is another way to get in and compete for real money prizes for free. Get redirected to the poker expert who will show you how to use free bonus codes and give you a few winners' tips. All poker variants are available usually on an hourly basis. There are different achievement scores, tickets as well as cash prizes to be won on a daily basis.

Guaranteed Tournament (GTD)

Fixed deposit pool guarantees a share in the main pool no matter the number of contestants. They are a great way of boosting your bankroll.

Bounty Tournaments

Are also referred to as knockout tournaments. It is almost similar to most poker tournaments but bounty focuses on ranges of individual players. You are able to cash a prize for every individual player you overpower usually 20-50% of their total buy-in.

If you are still very fresh to poker, it is wise to brush up on your poker skills and do some research before diving into a poker tournament - you can also choose to practice on video poker. Aside from practicing, you can get poker tips as well as cheat sheets to copy for enhanced gameplay.