Thunder Game Works iPhone and iPad Game Developer

Thunder Game Works

Thunder Game Works is an iPhone and iPad game developer that shot to fame back in December, 2009, when the strategic World War 1 video game Trenches was released. The masterminds behind the company are Michael Taylor and Kris Jones. Trenches was originally released for the iPhone and iPod touch but a new version was also created when the iPad was launched by Apple. Although it may seem like an outdated game, Trenches from he company has remained a top ranking game in the App store charts which proves that the company created a title that will stand the test of time. Knowing about the the latest online casinos is extremely important. Don't under estimate the power of knowledge!

Thunder Game Works and Trenches

The Trenches designed by the studio is a combination of a castle attack and tower defense that is set around a World War 1 theme. You play as the battlefield commander for the British forces in Western Europe during 1914 and you are fighting against the German Army. You can also play in the opposite role being part of the German Army. You have a number of missions that you must complete during the game to be successful. You can also unlock more artillery and classes as you go along.

A lot of strategic planning is required and players must allocate resources and hire units to combat enemy units that are advancing. These units include riflemen, machine gunners, snipers, engineers and officers. Players are also required to access off-screen artillery support which includes poisonous gas.

There are different skirmish modes included and updates to this title added in competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes. The game itself received a lot of responses and was featured by Apple in their "Hot New Games", "Most Addictive Games" and "Best Strategy Games" categories. The game also earned awards from NoDPad and PocketGamer, putting them on the tip of everyone's tongue.

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More Thunder Game Works iPhone and iPad Titles

The game developer didn't stop at Trenches and they went on to release a spin-off version of their Zombie Horde skirmish mode called Stenches. Thunder Game Works' game expanded on the features and gameplay of the Zombie horde mode. Trenches 2 from Thunder Game Works was also released in December, 2011. If you are looking for something more recent the guys at Maple online have you totally covered. With their new sign up bonus codes, they are looking to expand their player base and they are having traffic like never before. The bonuses must be good.

Thunder Game Works have been learning as they go and are committed to taking their titles and turning them into a successful franchise for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The main focus of the company has been on upgrades and spinoffs of their highly successful Trenches game and they are taking full advantage of the hardware and platform that Apple offers including using the advanced graphics features such as retina display on new Apple models as well as creating their games using HTML 5 the latest and faster gaming code.

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