Five games by Christmas ...
Posted by Michael on Friday, September 23, 2011
... at least that's our goal and it's an ambitious one.

We're so close on three of them, making the fourth and fifth pretty easy to knock out within time. Of course, once we think that, then we say crazy things like ... "six games by Christmas!" Will we never learn.

Obviously, we've got Evertales hitting "soon" (the anticipated smash hit with our buddies over at Crescent Moon). That title EVERYONE knows about.

... but are you familiar with the other four? We're pretty good at keeping secrets, but sometimes we trip up. What has been said, cannot be unsaid. Maybe you've caught us -or- you've figured it out.

Tweet us your guesses as to what you think our next games are going to be. If you're wrong ... and your idea is good, we might just make yours. Hit us up @thundergamewrks
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Our most ambitious work heading to QA
Posted by Leader of the Resistence on Tuesday, September 20, 2011
At long last, we've completed the six month development process of our pièce de résistance. Our most ambitious, most in-depth, most intensive experience yet. When most sequels leave you wishing for the original, this one will make you forget everything that's gone before.

Soon, loyal followers and comrades, very soon ... we shall unleash the brainchild that you've helped bring to life. The embodiment of our glowing ambition will be released on the world of unsuspecting AppStore players. But you, you our devoted enthusiasts, you will lead the fight. Glorious global dominance is mere weeks away.

That is all for now ... more instructions to come ...
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Trenches has invaded the Wii!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, September 1, 2011
Trenches is on the Wii!

Thunder Game Works, in partnership with Fishing Cactus, has made it possible for you to drop Mustard Gas on loved ones with the Wiimote.

Battle through an all new campaign and customize your army with a new perk tree.

Never has 800 points bought so much destruction!

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