Peace Out!
Posted by Michael on Friday, June 20, 2014
Hey fans ... after four years Thunder Game Works is going to pack up and go on home.

Thanks to so many awesome players, Thunder has experienced some great success and some great years with the Trenches brand. Unfortunately, that success couldn't outlast a failed EA relationship.

We've tried to put the wheels back on after the failed publishing relationship of Trenches II with EA. If we only knew then, what is so clearly known now ... but alas ...

So, download 'em while they're still here, cuz once the attorney's done with the papers, it's o-v-e-r.

Thanks so much to all of the players and the love you've poured out to us. It's humbling and will never be forgotten.

Play well and slay on!
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Something new is dropping soon ...
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Keep your eyes here ... we'll be announcing our latest epic work of awesomeness right here.

Can't wait to spill the beans!
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Pics for Pals has been released
Posted by Michael on Friday, January 24, 2014
Pics for Pals is ready for everyone to grab off of the AppStore!

Pics is FREE, so get pic'ing with your Pals!

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Pics for Pals update hits veeeeery soon!
Posted by Michael on Sunday, January 5, 2014
Last year was a rough one at Thunder Game Works, but like a Phoenix from the fire ... weeeeeee're baaaaaaack!

We have a list of new projects and updates to existing ones. Starting first with a great update to Pics for Pals; push notifications, getting coins for free and lots of bug fixes. You're gonna love it!

Then ... there's some projects that are still emerging ... more on that as we get closer.
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Happy New Year!
Posted by on Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Happy New Year to all of our loyal followers and future followers. It was a rough ride last year, but we're looking forward to a bright 2014. Thanks for sticking with us!

You're the BEST! May this year bring you much in the way of awesomeness.

Keep your eyes here for updates ... they're going to start dropping!
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Pics for Pals in the US ... TOMORROW!
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Pics for Pals is all the rage in Canada ... and it's coming to US iPhones tomorrow!

Download is FREE, invite your friends and pic, pic, pic!
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Our latest project live in Canada!
Posted by Michael on Monday, May 20, 2013
Our latest project, which is a bit of a departure from our traditional strategy, is a beautifully-crafted, casual-play camera-based scavenger hunt. See if you can get your pals to guess the secret word ... with just a pic you've taken.

Sound easy? Then try the harder words ...

Pics for Pals is live in Canada ... US release is coming soon!
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Trenches II update is out
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, May 7, 2013
All the patient of heart, be patient no more! The Trenches II update has been released. Run, don't walk, to your nearest WIFI cloud and download the update.

Let the warring commence!
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Trenches II update submitted
Posted by Michael on Friday, May 3, 2013
Earlier this week, we submitted the Trenches II update.

The update includes a fix to public enemy #1: Multiplayer invisibility. In multiplayer, some of you reported that your enemies were invisible. Your troops wouldn't see them, you couldn't see them ... but they could see you. Well ... it took what felt like a lifetime, but we found it! You won't see this issue again!

Also, there were reports of "enemies spawning out of my bunkers". Yep! That can happen. Here's the deal: If you improve a trench up to a bunker, aside from providing more protection, it becomes a forward spawn point. Now ... if this bunker falls into enemy hands, it becomes a forward spawn for THEM. This hasn't changed in the update, buuuuut ...

We've clarified who owns a given bunker. You'll see lil' flags on the bunkers to identify who controls them.

Now, you have no excuse ... go forth and dominate your friends (or enemies)!
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Trenches II update nearly complete
Posted by Michael on Thursday, April 18, 2013
Just a quick shout to let ya'll know that the anticipated Trenches II update is nearly complete.

The invisible enemy bug in multiplayer : FIXED
The AI stealing bunkers bug : FIXED

Keep in mind though ... that if you retreat from a bunker, the enemy CAN grab it for themselves. Be smart ... destroy before you deploy.

Keep your fingers crossed, too. We're hoping to add some new perks!
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Trenches II weekend is upon us!
Posted by Michael on Friday, March 1, 2013
Trenches II is ripping up the charts. The re-release of Trenches II is exceeding all expectations.

Get it now ... because, you can be assured, your enemy has ... and he's practicing, waiting, upgrading and setting an ambush.

HUZZAH! There's your ticket to the Gun Show!
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Trenches II is unleashed on the world!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, February 28, 2013
Battle Stations, folks!

Gather any remaining fortitude you can muster and dig in for victory!

Trenches II awaits ...

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Trenches II release date!
Posted by Michael on Saturday, February 23, 2013
Gather 'round, gather 'round

I have great news for the patient masses ... Trenches II has been issued a release date.

You'll be able to download the re-release of Trenches II on February 28th.

YEP! Less than a week to wait ... then utter mayhem and chaos will erupt from your iDevice. Apologize for us in advance to your families and co-workers for your impending absence.

It's going to be a Great World War!
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Trenches II has been submitted ...
Posted by Michael on Thursday, February 7, 2013
No, seriously ... it's submitted. As a matter of fact, I just checked its status and it is "In Review". So close! So, that's the good news ...

Here's the bad news: Trenches II is a all-together brand new app on the AppStore. As more fallout from the publishing arrangement, your achievements, perks and campaign progress will not transfer over. This Trenches II is like a new app for you. You'll need to download it again and progress through the perks and campaigns.

... BUT ...

We're going to make it up to you. Trenches II is going to be FREE for at least a week. You'll be able to dive into the trenches without paying for it.

... AND ...

It's universal! So, iPads and iPhones can play with and against each other.

The Zombie Horde and American Campaign await you!

Be patient ... soon ... SOON!
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Loadin' sum acheevemints ...
Posted by Michael on Monday, January 28, 2013
The re-release of Trenches II is coming along nicely. So much so that we've loaded the achievements in the back-end of the AppStore today. We're anticipating submission THIS WEEK.

It's been such a long wait ... you've all been so patient (well, most of you). The wait is not much longer. Soon, you'll be playing as the Americans ... and you'll be contending against the Zombie Horde. It's coming ... it really is ... and soon!
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A lil' treat for the patient
Posted by Michael on Thursday, January 17, 2013
Welcome, loyalists!

Trenches II re-release is coming along nicely and we're hoping it'll be on the AppStore in mid-February. But ... to help you cope until it releases ...

We're re-releasing Trenches: Generals for the iPad. You remember Trenches: Generals, don't you? Sized specifically for the iPad sporting that super sweet split screen multiplayer?

Get Generals now and bone up before T2 hits!

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Where's T2?
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Hello, loyalists ... I trust you are well and battle ready.

By now, you're aware that EA has graciously released Trenches II from its publishing agreement. Unfortunately this meant they pulled it from the AppStore completely a couple of weeks ago. No worries, though ... we're working on getting it back in your hands as soon as possible.

Trenches II with the American Campaign and Zombie Horde will be in your hands in January. Yep! January. This is part of our contention with EA ... they ... move ... really ... slowly.

So ... if you don't mind: Giving Trenches a 1/5 star rating because you want Trenches II ... is NOT helping Trenches II. We want you to have it as well ... and we're working like crazy to get it to you.

Trenches II is coming ...
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What are you waiting for?!?
Posted by Michael on Thursday, December 13, 2012
It's out! The original AppStore hit Trenches is making its return.

Stop what you're doing and immediately jump online for some good, bloody fun! Job? Like they're not getting it too! Finals? Meh ... you can go an extra year! Surgery? Whatever ... it'll just grow back! Seriously ... why are you still reading this?!? Go get Trenches now!

AND! If you bought Trenches back in the day, well ... you don't have to buy it again. Yep! You heard right ... just download it again for FREE.

Who loves ya, players?

Pieces on Earth and good war to men!

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The original is already live
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, December 12, 2012
If you're in New Zealand that is ...

The wait for everyone else is just a few time zones away.

Watch the AppStore, grab Trenches and teach those kiwis a thing or two!
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Merry Christmas?
Posted by Michael on Thursday, December 6, 2012
Oh yes, it will be!!!

We've an early Christmas present for all of the Trenches loyalists out there.

We've heard your cries, but until recently we've been unable to give you Trenches ... the original. If you recall, Trenches is what started it all. Trenches was a Top 5 AppStore hit on launch. Then we added global multiplayer and POW! another trip to the top!

You've all been SO patient ... patiently waiting for the original Trenches to be re-released. Well, wait no longer!

December 13th is your early Christmas present.

Get the original Trenches! Complete with the original arcade campaign, Zombie Horde, King of the Trench, et al! Yep ... it's going to be the best yet!
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Big news folks!
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Hey guys ... I've big news for all you Trenches fans out there.

Our gracious friends have made a way for the Trenches II update to hit your devices. It's likely not before Christmas, BUT I can assure you that it's coming!

More details coming soon ... but be encouraged, folks!
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New development announcement!
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, October 17, 2012
It's finally time to time you all about our latest application in development.

Do you like taking photos? Do you like crafting your own theme song while wailing on your friends? Oh! And you can upload it to Facebook! Combine those and add in a flashlight app and ... you're SO not even close.


Yeah ... still can't tell you, but trust me ... we've got some cool things coming your way.
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Y U No Blog?
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Okay ... so, thanks to all who informed us that our blog wasn't working. Two months worth of postings ... and nuthin'! Yeah ... sorry 'bout that!

No worries, though ... here they are ...

Your homework: Read a couple month's worth of our ramblings. Enjoy!
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Where's the T2 update?
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, September 25, 2012
That's exactly what we're thinking.

It's a complicated situation. We've completed an EPIC update ... complete with the Americans, Zombie Horde, additional perks and many, many bug fixes. If it were up to us, you'd have it already ... and maybe the next update.

Unfortunately, it's not always up to us. Our publisher is holding it back because they want more ... more ... MORE ... M O R E!!!

So ... we're deadlocked. The update is done ... in their hands ... and going no where. It's awesome too! You guys (and grrls) will love it. We've done all we can to get it moving to the AppStore.

Maybe you can help ... here's the call to arms! Whenever you want to play the update to T2, email the publisher and ask them to release it. Copy us on the email ... just cuz we love that stuff.

m'kay ... everyone, grab a pitchfork and a torch. Time to storm the castle!
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Gibs goes FREE!
Posted by Michael on Sunday, September 16, 2012
Yep! You heard right ... GibsNGlory; the epic zombie-catapult-at-the-living action puzzler is now F R E E!

Get it now and start converting the living to our side.

Don't forget iPad folks, you can create and publish your own maps. Yeah! I know! Sweet, huh?

Gib on, my friends ...

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So, what'd you do over summer break?
Posted by Michael on Sunday, September 2, 2012
What did we do? Meh ... nuthin much. Just ... working on two new games!!!

Yep ... before Christmas you'll have two new Thunder titles to attack your brain stem. One is very much from our wheelhouse; action, gibs your friends, etc. The other is ... er ... a completely new direction for us.

Can't wait to gather beta testers and release screenshots. Patience, my minion! Patience!

Soon ...
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Ever closer with the Trenches II update
Posted by Micahel on Tuesday, August 28, 2012
The T2 update is done! If you've been paying attention, you'll know that it's been done for a while. But it's REALLY done this time! Really!

More buggies fixed ... including some of the nastiest ones you've been begging for.

It's super fun to play as the Americans. It's different game play. You've got to by more defensive and strike with an iron fist.

Gather the cartoony war mongers ... it's time for Trenches II!
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Happy Birthday to ... US!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, August 16, 2012
Thunder Game Works is three years old today!

Wow, three years old today ... or, at least, pretty close to today. Same month, at least.

Help us celebrate our birthday by sending us a handcrafted, original gift ... a birthday poem. The best one will be awarded Gibs stars (for purchasing in game content) and will be presented here for all to see.

Thanks for a great last three years. Now ... on to your poem writing!
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At long last ... an update ...
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Hey folks ... it's been a LONG time since my last update. We've been working feverishly to get the Trenches II update out. We're hoping that the powers will approve this latest version. Sheesh, I hope they do!

... annnnnd there's a Gibs update being submitted TODAY. It includes major performance and stability improvements. Took a while to uncover some of the issues, but we have and now we're ready to show the world.
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Gibs' release is working across the globe
Posted by Michael on Thursday, June 28, 2012
Gibs is out and ready for destruction. Don't be caught by the brutal visit to Grandma's without it!

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Tomorrow's the Gib day!
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, June 27, 2012
After more than a year in the making, Gibs' US release is tomorrow!

Thanks to all the beta testers (deep breath in) ... Carlos Bautista, Antonis Deligiannis, Matt Freeman, Jordan Gee, Sam Hume, Kevin Homick, Nick Manfre, Novaro Thompson, Troy Woodfield ... and more I'm sure. My apologies for not remembering everyone.

While we wouldn't recommend it, feel free to hold your breath. Gibs drops tomorrow!
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Trenches II update ... update
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Hey loyalists, the Trenches II update has been ONCE AGAIN delivered to QA. We're pretty happy with the update and think the QA folks will be as well.

The crashers are gone, the Americans are in, multiplayer is even more stable and waves of Horde are coming for your brainssssss! It's so good I can hardly contain myself. I can't wait for you guys to see it.

Keep the faith ... and keep sending us those "where's the $%#@ing T2 update?!?" emails. We love them!
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Gibbing June 28!
Posted by Michael on Friday, June 1, 2012
GibsNGlory has been submitted!

Gibs is a finally done and getting itself all prettied up for its big day ... June 28. It was a LONG build, but we think it was worth the wait.

As for Trenches II update, well ... it's STILL delayed and it's killing us! The update includes the Americans and Zombie Horde ... not to mention a truck full of bug fixes. Once, we hear a date ... you'll be the first to know!
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Trenches II update date updated
Posted by Michae on Friday, May 18, 2012
Hello to our faithful and loyal followers ...

It's been confirmed that the Trenches II update has been delayed. The delay appeared inevitable as we approached the intended go-live date and were still mired in QA. We've nearly freed ourselves from its sticky grasp and, next week, will drop out the update for submission.

Unfortunately, I don't yet have a hard date for the update. I suspect it'll be in less than three weeks. Dear Lord, I hope so!

Trust me, though, folks ... the update is SO worth it. The Americans, Zombie Horde and a truck full of bug fixes (including the campaign crashers).

Hang in there ... not much further ...
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American national advantages
Posted by Michael on Friday, April 13, 2012
Hey loyalists ... the update to Trenches 2 is deep in QA at EA headquarters and it appears that the go-live date is mid-May. That's SO far off, I know!

So, to whet your appetite for what's coming, check out the new nation added to the Strategy Guide; the Americans. Yep, it's going to be a great war!

Trenches II - Strategy Guide
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Trenches II update is cooked
Posted by Michael on Friday, March 2, 2012
Alright folks ... we're done with the feature additions for the Trenches II update. It's about time to send it to EA for testing.

By the way, speaking of testing ... we've got those kooky crashes under boot now. Among other things, we've added better multiplayer functionality and playability.

With this update done, we're leaving a bunch of stuff for our next update. A short list of future update includes:
1. New Perks - one new Perk called Camouflage. When your troops don't move, they slowly fade to near transparent. Nice for setting up ambushes.
2. Capture the Flag Skirmish mode - Yep, the tried and true veteran of competitive gaming will be coming to T2.
3. Eastern Front - Imagine cold, frozen battlefields ... careful not to linger on those frozen lakes.
4. The Russians!

Of course, we're always working to improve the AI. It's a labor of love that is never done.

Email us or Tweet us your ideas for cool updates to Trenches II. We listen to players and weigh your advise very high.

Slay on, my friends!
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Trenches II update
Posted by Michael on Sunday, February 19, 2012
Hey folks ... the Trenches II is coming along nicely. We're throwing a bunch of stuff in there.

Aside from the American Campaign and Zombie Horde, we've added some other lil' things.

You'll have three new achievements. The Engineers are smarter around landmines and, now, can actually defuse enemy landmines.

We've also added some AI improvements. The AI Spies are more nasty. They cloak better and pilfer faster!

Some player irritations have been fixed. That constant crashing for some of you ... yeah, fixed that (sorry 'bout that). The screen flip rotation thing is in there. Plus a truck full of other bugs the relentless EA testers found.

One thing we're super jazzed about is the T2 will now keep track of your all-time stats; total kills, total time played, total zombies re-deaded and more.

The one thing people want to know more than ever is "when"? When?! WHEN?!? It looks like mid-March to early April. We're hurrying, but you can't rush this kind of rocket surgery.

More tweaks, changes and additions to come ... but that'll do for now. ;-)

Slay on, my friends!
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Christmas break is over?!?
Posted by Michael on Thursday, February 9, 2012
Hey there, faithful Thunder-ers ...

Don't take the lack of blog updates as a lack of activity at Thunder Headquarters. Quite the opposite. We've been toiling away on a Trenches II update AND four new games.

Those consumed with Trenches II should know that the next update brings the Americans and their American campaign. There's three new achievements to unlock. Also, Zombie Horde is baaaaaaaack! You can battle against the undead waves in single or multiplayer mode.

... and this, like all the others, is a free update. Don't pay to play the Americans ... don't purchase an unlock for Zombie Horde ... just get Trenches II and enjoy!

Then ... there's the four mostly secret projects that we're working on. 2012 is going to be a very Thunder year.

... and, by the way, thanks to Jeremyrox2 for alerting us that our blog had gone stale.

Slay on, my minion!
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Merry Christmas!
Posted by Michael on Sunday, December 25, 2011
From all of us ... to all of you ...


Enjoy the time off with your families ... and your iDevice. ;-)
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A week later ...
Posted by Michael on Monday, December 19, 2011
Hey folks! Firstly, Merry Christmas ... hope you're done with your shopping. Christmas is not even a week away.

Last week, we unleashed Trenches II on the world ... and it will never be the same. We've been reading the ratings and reviews. Trenches II has garnered an average 4.58 stars with over 300 ratings. Wow! Thanks guys!

One of the most frequent questions we get is ... what's next? What does the next T2 update hold? Frankly, we take this question as a compliment itself. Y'all are assuming that, based on the freakish number of updates to Trenches, we'll be updating T2 with the same vigor. Well ... you're absolutely right.

So ... here's what we know about the updates (listed in no particular order):
- American Campaign
- Russian Campaign (with a brand new Eastern front map)
- Zombie Horde mode (yep ... they're coming back from the dead soon)
- Capture the Flag Skirmish mode
- 2v2 multiplayer

Yep, it's going to be a great new year!

Slay on, my friends!
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The Great War is upon us!
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Trenches II is rolling live across the globe, time-zone by time-zone players are grappling with the Jerries once again!

Viva la Trenches!
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Trenches II is ready to launch!
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, December 6, 2011
We recently received word that Trenches II was approved by Apple. So ...

... on December 15th, prepare for the Great War. Just nine short days until the AppStore descends into battle.

- Three uniquely skilled factions
- Deep perk tree
- GameCenter online multiplayer

It's going to be a Great War!
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Well ... more like the 15th
Posted by Michael on Monday, November 28, 2011
Sorry for the late notice, but it appears that Trenches II has been delayed to December 15th. TII is working through some final acceptance testing, which has caused some unfortunate delays.

Fear not, though ... we're told that the Great War will descend upon the AppStore on December 15th.

Also, if you've thought about owning the original Trenches ... you'd better get it now. Once Trenches II goes live, Trenches will come down. They are quarreling brothers and nobody wants to see that disgraceful display.
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Thank you for your proud service
Posted by Michael on Friday, November 11, 2011
It's 11/11/11 and everyone is making a big deal out of the palindrome date. Rightfully so too. It is cool and nothing like this will happen for more than hundred years.

That said, we find that this day brings a yearly holiday that is far more important and impactful to our daily lives. It's Veterans Day in the US.

Here at Thunder Game Works, we'd like to just take a moment and give thanks to the brave men and women of the armed forces that work tirelessly and risk it all to protect the freedoms that we take for granted. Without those freedoms, there'd be no AppStore, no social networking innovation and no open exchange of ideas.

We'd also be remiss if we didn't thank the families that sacrifice so much in support of their soldier's mission and are all too often forgotten. Not here!

Thank you ... more than we can express.

The Thunder Team
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Evertales is live!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, November 10, 2011
Gather 'round, folks and behold! Evertales, the character-switching, jumping and collecting, drawf-smashing brawler is live and ripping up the charts.

Get it while you can! We're only selling 122 more copies!

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Evertales and Trenches II are so close
Posted by Michael on Friday, November 4, 2011
If you've not been under a rock for the last several weeks, then you've heard the news: Evertales releases in six days. It's a masterful piece of brawler. Working with Crescent Moon has been great! Can't wait to do it again!

Trenches II is hurtling toward submission as well. We're nearly through the scrutiny of EA's QA department. What great people to work with! Everyone from product managers to testers have all been aces. This has been a great publishing experience so far ... and we haven't even launched the game.

Looks like Thunder is wrapping up a present for you early! Evertales is live in a matter of days. Trenches II is live in a matter of weeks. It's going to be a great Christmas, folks!
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Trenches II proceeding ahead of schedule
Posted by Michael on Thursday, October 27, 2011
We're deep in the throes of QA testing. Trenches II is in the furnace getting all hardened and whatnot. It's a truly amazing piece of work. We've really out done ourselves here.

Soon, we'll release a game trailer and start exposing the specific game features.

Ready yourself ... Trenches II is coming!
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Shutters at the ready ...
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Trenches II will be officially announced at EA's Europe Showcase. Unfortunately, we can't be there ... because ... well ... we're building Trenches II.

... but you can be there in our place.

Sneak a photo of Trenches II on the EA Europe Showcase big screen and win a signed Trenches II movie poster. Post the photo to your Twitter or Facebook account and let us know. We'll send out one of these stunning, limited-run, movie-stylized Trenches II posters to the best photo posted. @thundergamewrks

Shutters at the ready!
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EA gonna spill the beans
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Loyal Trenches Fans-
We've been working hard under the dark of night and a cloak of secrecy, but the silence will soon be broken.

EA will demonstrate our latest efforts at their Europe Showcase today through the 20th. EA will officially announce ... quite possibly the most ambitious wargame on the AppStore: Trenches II.

More than a year ago, Thunder Game Works signed a publishing agreement with EA that birthed the idea of Trenches II. Since then, we've been busting our humps on it. Taking Trenches II to places that Trenches could only just imagine. Rejoice, players ... Trenches II is all that you've been asking for; more nations [CHECK], more units [CHECK] and more than I can list [CHECK].

If you're going to EA's Europe Showcase, check out Trenches II on the big screen!

Ready or not ... Trenches II is coming.

A very tired Product Team
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Five games by Christmas ...
Posted by Michael on Friday, September 23, 2011
... at least that's our goal and it's an ambitious one.

We're so close on three of them, making the fourth and fifth pretty easy to knock out within time. Of course, once we think that, then we say crazy things like ... "six games by Christmas!" Will we never learn.

Obviously, we've got Evertales hitting "soon" (the anticipated smash hit with our buddies over at Crescent Moon). That title EVERYONE knows about.

... but are you familiar with the other four? We're pretty good at keeping secrets, but sometimes we trip up. What has been said, cannot be unsaid. Maybe you've caught us -or- you've figured it out.

Tweet us your guesses as to what you think our next games are going to be. If you're wrong ... and your idea is good, we might just make yours. Hit us up @thundergamewrks
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Our most ambitious work heading to QA
Posted by Leader of the Resistence on Tuesday, September 20, 2011
At long last, we've completed the six month development process of our pièce de résistance. Our most ambitious, most in-depth, most intensive experience yet. When most sequels leave you wishing for the original, this one will make you forget everything that's gone before.

Soon, loyal followers and comrades, very soon ... we shall unleash the brainchild that you've helped bring to life. The embodiment of our glowing ambition will be released on the world of unsuspecting AppStore players. But you, you our devoted enthusiasts, you will lead the fight. Glorious global dominance is mere weeks away.

That is all for now ... more instructions to come ...
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Trenches has invaded the Wii!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, September 1, 2011
Trenches is on the Wii!

Thunder Game Works, in partnership with Fishing Cactus, has made it possible for you to drop Mustard Gas on loved ones with the Wiimote.

Battle through an all new campaign and customize your army with a new perk tree.

Never has 800 points bought so much destruction!

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Trenches: Generals released on the Wii
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Tomorrow, September 1st, Trenches: Generals will hit the WiiWare store.

We're super excited about Trenches on the Wii. It's first title outside the mobile space and we think we nailed it ... and we think you'll agree.

It's got all the cowbell you'd expect from Trenches, but makes use of the Wiimote. There's a perks system, new Skirmish battles and new campaign. Plus, seeing all that destructive power on the big screen is a sight of fancy!

Pick up Trenches: Generals on the Wii ... invite your friends over and let loose on the Wii!

Slay on, my friends ...
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Global multiplayer and price break
Posted by Michael on Sunday, July 31, 2011
Trenches: Generals is on sale now!

We're celebrating the release of Trenches: Generals GameCenter global multiplayer by dropping price more than half.

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Trenches: Generals iPad gets global multiplayer
Posted by Michael on Friday, July 29, 2011
Hold on tight, folks and loyalists ... I've got big news ...

The iPad version of Trenches: Generals goes global with today's update.

You asked for it and we listened ... here it is ... GameCenter Global Multiplayer.

Go get it now, it's out there and ready to bring your productivity to a screeching halt. Remember our challenge: Kris and I were able to hold off 26 waves of Jerry before succumbing to the inevitable. If you did better, tweet us and let us know @thundergamewrks

If you want an easy first win, my GameCenter name is SkizzlePig. For a little more of a challenge, try KrispyJones (our Minister of Propaganda)

Also, in this build ... the AI isn't quite so brutal. Sorry about that!

Yep, life is good in iPad land.

Slay on, my friends!
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Trenches: Generals update submitted
Posted by Michael on Friday, July 22, 2011
At long last the Trenches: Generals multiplayer update has been submitted. The Generals multiplayer update includes GameCenter global multiplayer and Bluetooth to the existing split-screen multi.

We've been playing ... er ... testing it for about a week now and it's SO much fun. Playing Wave Skirmish is super fun. Kris and I were able to hold off 26 waves of Jerry before succumbing to the inevitable. If you did better, tweet us and let us know @thundergamewrks

In addition to multiplayer, we've also added in some tweaks based on your suggestions. So ... the German artillery isn't quite so brutal. You'll also find yet more gameplay polish. Yep ... the Thunder never rests.

Slay on, my friends!
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Next Generals update
Posted by Michael on Monday, July 4, 2011
Before I forget ... Happy Independence Day to everyone in the States.

You've spoken and hearing listening. The next Trenches: Generals update is underway and I hope we'll have something to submit this coming week. What's in the update? In general, it's a ton of little bugs fixes and tweaks based on your emails to Thanks, too, for emailing us with your issues prior to leaving a premature bad review. Most of the issues can be handled easily ... simply by hard resetting your iPad.

... but that's not the super exciting stuff. What's the super exciting stuff? How about GameCenter global multiplayer in Trenches: Generals? Yep, it's coming ... we're working on it right now.

Then Perks in Skirmish ... a Trenches loyalist emailed us and said (basically), "No, Perks in Skirmish mode?!? What gives?!?" So, we took that as marching orders. Brilliant idea too, Essam. We're thinking the same thing ... "What gives?"

Now, off you go to light some bottle rockets and firecrackers!
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Trenches: Generals update submitted
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Trenches: Generals is getting its first quickie bug update. Since, Generals has gone live, we've seen some reports of crashing.

While most of these issues can be resolved with a hard restart of your device, we're also looking to resolve these issues permanently with the latest update. In it, you'll find several bug fixes related to crashing and other bug nits ... just clean up stuff.

The update has been submitted and we expect it to be out before the end of the week.
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Official release date of Trenches: Generals
Posted by Michael on Friday, June 17, 2011
Get your iPads warming up, folks. The official release date of Trenches: Generals on the AppStore is June 23rd.

Less than a week to wait ...

Here's the app description:

he AppStore Top 10 hit comes to the iPad as Trenches: Generals!

Take to the trenches once again in this redefined version of Trenches built for the iPad from the ground up with exclusive features and content!


The war rages on and you must continue the war effort in Western Europe during the Great War. The brand new campaign allows you to have more fun than ever before and allow for a whole new experience!


For the first time ever, Trenches introduces a perk system to allow the player to customize the way they battle! Love the sniper? Now you can choose the perks to equip them with better weaponry or reduce their cost. Does dropping heavy artillery on incoming troops excite you? Now you can do it more often!


Tired of your friends coming over and not letting you play your favorite iPhone game? Now you can have them join you on the iPad with cooperative and competitive split-screen multiplayer on 1 device!


The brand new high definition art will have your eyes explode with delight! Well, not literally, but the vibrant detail looks great on an iPad!
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Finally, Trenches comes to the iPad
Posted by Michael on Thursday, June 16, 2011
The AppStore iPhone hit Trenches is coming to the iPad. Trenches: Generals is the iPad version of Trenches and it comes with a Perk System, larger battlefield, split-screen multiplayer and all new campaign.

We wanted to take our time and build the iPad version specifically for the iPad ... not just a quickie port from the iPhone.

Hang in there ... soon you'll all feast your senses on Trenches goodness with a bigger screen.
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So close ...
Posted by Michael on Monday, May 30, 2011
We're in the throes of testing Trenches: Generals. You're familiar with Trenches: Generals, right? The iPad version of Trenches with Retina Display, Perks and new Skirmish modes? Oh ... did I mention on the iPad?

We're working through the last minute bugs and misspellings. Hopefully it will be submitted to Apple later this week and available by mid-June.

We've thrown our hearts into this one and hope you like it. Frankly, if you don't ... go see a head-doctor ... this thing's incredible!

Slay on, my friends ...
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Pulling back the curtain
Posted by Michael on Thursday, May 19, 2011
The blog has been a bit silent, no doubt. Well, it's not because we haven't been working on anything ... trust me.

Since GDC in March, we've started work on five new games ... some Trenches related and some completely new. We're a small studio and working on no less than six new games right now is like trying to drink from a firehose. There's SO much to do ... so much. But ... it's coming along very well ... on all fronts.

Unfortunately, we're not far enough along to really share too much, but we will be bringing funsies to WWDC in June. We'll be packing along at least three workable demos and art from two more.

Here's something to whet your appetite: If you like Trenches, your head is going to explode in just a couple of months. Imagine all the things you've asked for, begged for, wrote in, screamed for on a street corner ... yep, all that stuff.

Until next time, Faithful ... trust we are hard at work for you.
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Blast from the past...
Posted by Kris 'BlackJack' Jones on Sunday, May 1, 2011
I know many of ours fans have been wondering what we've been up to since our release of Stenches and the huge update adding online multiplayer...

Yet fear not, mates, for we have not rested on our laurels! We have been working diligently to bring you double doses of awesomeness!

First off, the long awaited Trenches HD, now dubbed Trenches: Generals, is coming very SOON!

We even have some fun and new features never before seen, such as split screen multiplayer!

Stay tuned and slay on, comrades!
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Let's celebrate the little guy ...
Posted by Michael on Thursday, February 17, 2011
I couldn't agree more with David Lister at Appolicious.

He lumps Thunder in with some great developers in his most recent article "Big iPhone games from small developers". We're pretty excited to be in such good company; Mika Mobile, Kairosoft and Armor Games. Frankly, those guys impress the pants off of us. Those are devs we really like.

Thanks again, David and Appolicious ... you're the greatest!

Read the article for yourself!
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SlideToPlay rates Trenches a Must Have
Posted by Michael on Monday, January 31, 2011
Riordan of SlideToPlay decided it was time to update the STP Trenches review. We're glad they took another look at Trenches. Trenches won over Riordan with ease ... scoring the elusive "Must Have" ... 4 out of 4

Trenches has gone through countless updates over its time on the AppStore. It's clear that Trenches is delivering what the players AND critics want.

Thanks, Riordan!

Read for yourself ... SlideToPlay's "Must Have" review of Trenches
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Trenches Boot Camp tutorial locks up
Posted by Michael on Saturday, January 29, 2011
We are aware of an issue within the Trenches version of the Boot Camp tutorial that, once played, prevents you from continuing with the game. We are actively working on a solution and except to have the fix submitted this weekend and released early this coming week.

In the meantime, here are steps you can take to get Trenches back up and running for you.

iOS3 >
1. Simply close Trenches using your home button and restart the application. Trenches will return to the main menu.

iOS4 >
1. Tap the home button to exit Trenches.
2. Double tap the home button. This should expose the running application list.
3. Tap and hold on Trenches will allow you to press the red X to force shut down Trenches.
4. Restart Trenches and you should be good to go.

Hang in there, folks ... we're working on it! It's a small bug and is quick to fix. We'll have it resolved before you know it.
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Trenches back in the Top 25
Posted by Michael on Friday, January 28, 2011
I'm happy to announce Trenches' fifth (or sixth) trip backn into the AppStore Top 25. Yesterday, Apple provided Trenches a major feature to celebrate the release of global multiplayer with VoiceChat. In seven hours, Trenches went from about 215 in the Top 200 ... to 26.

Thanks players ... thank you for your loyalty and your passion. We promised global multiplayer and you waited ... some patiently, some not so much. When the wait was over, the Trenches' community went nuts.

As of this writing, Trenches is in the Top 200 in 29 countries.

Slay on, my friends ...
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Stenches crashing for some
Posted by Michael on Friday, January 28, 2011
Word has reached our ears. The latest released version of Stenches (v1.1) with global co-op multiplayer is crashing on startup for a very small number of players.

We're on it and feverishly looking for a solution. Once found, we'll get another update out to resolve the issue.

Hang in there ... we're on it.
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Rumor: Stenches Co-Op multiplayer
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, January 25, 2011
There's a bit of a rumor we've picked up on ... something about Stenches GameCenter global Co-Op multiplayer is coming soon. While we may have actually been the plant of this rumor ... I do have news.

It's seems that the rumor mill is spot on. Global Cooperative multiplayer is coming before the end of the month to Stenches.

Join with your friends, join with your neighbors ... join even with your enemies, but join up and stamp your name on some Zombie Brutes!
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Trenches makes Apple's All-Time Top Paid list
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, January 25, 2011
We're pretty excited when we saw that Trenches made Apple's All-Time Top Paid list. Trenches came in at number 61 ... out of 198902 applications. And we think that's pretty good.

If you haven't seen the list, it's worth checking out. Trenches is in pretty good company, as you would imagine.

Apple's All-Time Top Paid
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Tales from the Front!
Posted by Michael on Saturday, January 22, 2011
Alright, Folks ... we're looking for some short multiplayer battle run-downs. Tell us how the battle went, who won and anything cool or interesting that happened. Did you waste an entire trench full of your enemies? Did you come back from almost certain defeat?

Send your heroic stories to or on Twitter at @thundergamewrks or on Facebook.

The best will be featured on our site and our media partners. Here's your chance to be a world famous writer.

Can't wait to read 'em!

Slay on, my friends ...
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Posted by Michael on Thursday, January 20, 2011
Well, the reviews for Trenches with global multiplayer are coming in and they're looking good!

The global reviews average just over 4.5 stars since the release of Trenches multiplayer yesterday. One reviews exclaiming "Underbart!" Couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Underbart to us all! Underbart, indeed!

If you don't have Trenches yet, the world is waiting ... and they're getting better.

PS: We did, though, remove the Kijib review ... because, well ... it's Kijib.
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Your dreams answered!
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, January 19, 2011
It's here! Trenches with global multiplayer!

Just approved onto the AppStore, Trenches v1.9 with GameCenter global multiplayer and VoiceChat. The wait is over!

Get Trenches now ... the world is waiting.
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Trenches v1.9 submitted!
Posted by Michael on Friday, January 14, 2011
Folks, it's here! Trenches v1.9 has been submitted!

Here's the update description for Trenches v1.9:

-=- GameCenter Global Multiplayer with VoiceChat and Friend Invites -=-

The wait is over. Trenches v1.9 is now out and is our most ambitious FREE update thus far ... GameCenter global multiplayer with VoiceChat. Now, you can coordinate attacks with your friends or listen to your enemy shriek with panic. Flip on WiFi ... jump on Trenches ... and let the mayhem begin!

Also ...
- Some bug fixes
- More balance in the units
- Two more GameCenter achievements


Enjoy, my friends ... release the hounds ...
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I'll give you three guesses ...
Posted by Michael on Friday, January 7, 2011
Any idea what we are testing this weekend?

TrenchesVS 1.9 - GameCenter Global Multiplayer with Voice Chat!

You read correctly! It slices, it dices, it gibs and it Cork Hibs. Yep, it's finally here ... you can now stop writing angry letters to your congressmen and heads of parliament.

With any luck we'll have a submission early this week and you'll be slaying your friends and enemies across the globe by mid-month.

The stage is set for another Great War!

PS: I know "Cork Hibs" has nothing to do with Trenches, but I had to find something that rhymed with "gibs". It's tougher than you might think ... almost as tougher as spelling "rhymed". Who loves ya, Ireland?!?
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Trenches breaks the 2 million downloads mark
Posted by Michael on Sunday, January 2, 2011
As of late Saturday night, January 1st ... Trenches downloads (that’s Trenches and Trenches Boot Camp) have crested over 2 million. Trenches has amassed just over 871,000 downloads and Boot Camp is right about 1,129,000. At the current download rates, Trenches itself should cross the one million mark within the next couple months.

We’re very excited to see players excited about the next update to Trenches: GameCenter Global Multiplayer with Voice Chat. What a hoot! You and one million of your closest enemies ... duking it out for digital supremacy.

What a great way to ring in the new year!

Thanks players! Slay on, my friends ...
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What a great 2010!
Posted by Michael on Friday, December 31, 2010
What a great first year for Thunder Game Works. 2010 saw our first game release on the AppStore; Trenches. Trenches rocketed to the Top 10 in January 2010 and returned to the Top 10 with the multiplayer update in May. Quite an accomplishment for a small, independent developer.

2010 saw the much anticipated spin-off of Trenches; Stenches. Based on the secret unlockable, Zombie Horde mode in Trenches, Stenches brings a more pick-up and play game style than its paternal roots.

As the "Best of 2010" lists are starting to come out, we're seeing Trenches all over them. What an honor! What a great year indeed ... and we owe it all to our faithful players.

... but we're not done ...

2011 will see Global Multiplayer with Voice Chat in Trenches AND Stenches. In 2011, we'll also bring another blockbusting hit to the AppStore. Our development schedule is crowded with awesome stuff. Hold on tight ... it's only going to get better.

From all of us here at Thunder, thanks so much for a great 2010 ... now, let's get on with 2011!

Happy New Year everyone!
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Trenches multiplayer update schedule (& price)
Posted by Michael on Friday, December 17, 2010
Hey there to our faithful followers ...

We had originally planned to release the Trenches multiplayer in time for Christmas, but we've experienced a change of plans.

Here's the deal ... the Christmas release schedule for Apple is LOADED full of some awesome games. We're so proud of Trenches multiplayer, we didn't want it to lost in the cacophony of the holiday releases.

So ... look for TrenchesVS multiplayer between Christmas and the New Year.

Now, to the real question at hand ... here's an imaginary interview we figured you could appreciate ...

You: How much will this huge multiplayer update cost?
You: Will it be an in-app purchase or a new application?
TGW: Really?
You: Ever been to a Japanese Hibachi place. You know, one where they cook the food right in front of you?
TGW: Yeah ... there's a great one right close to our offices. I love it!
You: So, seriously ... how much are you guys planning to charge for this monumental update? I mean I'd gladly pay $39.99 for it, just curious what you're thinking. I was planning on selling my cancer meds in order to buy it.
TGW: Well, as is our way and because our players send us love poems (thanks again, Evan), we've planned on (are you ready?) (here it comes) multiplayer being a free update to Trenches.

So, there it is ... GameCenter multiplayer in Trenches is going to be a free update. If you've waited, wait no longer ... Trenches is about to unleash a new global World War. Get Trenches now and hone those skills ... you'll find yourself on the battlefield with troops counting on your leadership before you know it.

... and now for all the word hounds out there ...

–noun, plural -nies.
1. harsh discordance of sound; dissonance: a cacophony of hoots, cackles, and wails.
2. a discordant and meaningless mixture of sounds: the cacophony produced by city traffic at midday.
3. Music . frequent use of discords of a harshness and relationship difficult to understand.
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Trenches Global Multiplayer in testing
Posted by Michael on Sunday, December 12, 2010
We just started testing our first REAL version of Global Multiplayer through GameCenter in Trenches. It was SO much fun! Honestly, it's more fun than I had anticipated.

For the record, I handily won a game of King of the Trench against Kris (our Minister of Propaganda). He then returned the favor by smoking me in Versus Battle. We then joined forces to battle the Germans in Adaptive difficulty. Yeah ... we got destroyed.

Once Global Multiplayer hits, you will be learning some new tactics. Gas now is the best tool in your belt. It slows down your enemy and can buy you time. Note to Self: Work on your Gas placement skills.

Get ready players ... the Storm is coming ...
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Christmas present to you from Thunder
Posted by Michael on Friday, December 10, 2010
Our little elves are working feverishly on your Christmas gift. It's something you've been wanting for some time. It's handmade with the greatest care. Now, it's some ugly sweater knitted by your crazy Aunt Whatsherface. Nope ... it's something you'll actually want under the tree ...

How's Global Multiplayer in Trenches sound? How's Global Multiplayer in Stenches sound?

Well ... that's what we're feverishly working on. We hope to have a test build done this weekend for a submission next week.

There you go ... Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Seasons Greetings ... how ever you say it, you'll giggle with glee very soon.

Slay on, my friends ...
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Stenches v1.0.1 update submitted
Posted by Michael on Friday, November 19, 2010
Hey folks ... you asked and we listened.

Stenches v1.0.1 hotfix update has been submitted. In it, you'll find performance optimizations for older devices, miscellaneous bug fixes and the Easy difficulty ... well, it's actually easy now.

As always, your five start reviews allow us to do what we do. Please use our contact form to provide us feedback ... we read EVERY SINGLE email we get and respond to 90%.

Who loves ya, players?
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AppStore Game of the Week!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, November 11, 2010
Stenches has been awarded Apple coveted Game of the Week!

"Use your armies to send the walking dead back to their graves in this week's selection, a zombie battler that plays every bit as good as it looks."
- Apple

... now, make Stenches YOUR game of the week!
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The wait is over!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, November 11, 2010
Stenches is out!

You heard (or read) correctly, Stenches has been released on the AppStore and it's ready for your zombie eviscerating pleasure! Battle three bosses and waves upon waves of their minion across four masterfully created environments. Western Europe will never be the same again.

... but lest we forget ... Trenches v1.8 sporting the German Campaign also released today!

It's a right Thunder day today, eh? Maybe instead of Armistice Day, we can lobby the European Union to sanction this ... "Thunder Day". Hmmm ... it does have a nice ring to it ...
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Happy Armistice Day!
Posted by Michael on Monday, November 8, 2010
Armistice Day is celebrated in one form or another in the United States and most of the European countries on November 11th. Armistice Day marked the end of World War I and is a celebration of peace.

We thought it only fitting to also celebrate Armistice Day ... only ... slightly different.

We're celebrating Armistice Day by releasing Stenches, the soon-to-be AppStore hit that thrusts you back to the trenches of World War I ... but this time to eradicate the undead German zombie horde. It only seems fitting as well, to release the latest update to Trenches on Armistice Day. In Trenches v1.8, you'll see the much anticipated German Campaign ... and then, of course, GameCenter integration.

Yep! This is going to be the best Armistice Day ever!

Slay on, my friends ...
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Stenches has been submitted!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, October 28, 2010
We just submitted Stenches!

We've thrown in some many cool things and SO much cowbell here at the end! It's so great! It's so much fun to see zombies turned to bits ... but it's also terrifying to get my troops zapped by lightning. (You'll know what I'm talking about soon enough!)

It's been a long build, but it's so worth it!

Thank you players for encouraging us. You will not be disappointed!
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Stenches ... official release date
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, October 26, 2010
It's been a long wait ... but we're finally there. All the cowbell that would fit is in. We're now putting the finishing touches on Stenches and fixing bugs.

I hated seeing Stenches delayed, but after playing these new release versions ... it's SO worth the wait! The art style is beautiful, the sound effects are chilling and the gameplay is thoughtful and engaging. You're going to love it!

So ... when will you get a chance to load Stenches on your device? The official release date is ... November 11th.

If it's possible, Stenches plays completely different than Trenches, but then, much the same. It's hard to explain (obviously). Suffice it to say, your Trenches training will certainly add you, but you'll be going back to school with Stenches. I can tell you this ... it's closer to a traditional Tower Defense, but then ... not really. Hmmm ... maybe you should just see for yourself on the 11th.

Happy Slaying!
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Quick Stenches update
Posted by Michael on Friday, October 8, 2010
Well, as is our way, the Stenches timeline has been ... er ... re-worked a bit. It's true ... we had a functioning version of Stenches a number of weeks ago, but, alas, it's not released yet. Why is that? I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Once we get a functioning version of a game or update, that's when we start really throwing in new features. That's when we start adding cowbell.

Allowing me to be so brazen: Once you play Stenches, you'll agree with us, it was worth the wait. We've revamped the battlefield mechanics, added new artillery, completely new gameplay modes and integrated GameCenter ... and that's the short list. Just as you found with Trenches, Stenches is going to master the subtlety of polish. We're adding little, otherwise, insignificant gameplay elements that when put all together bring the game to a whole new level.

Yep ... Stenches is going to be epic (if I can be so boastful).

So, I beg patience players ... it's coming, and when it's done ... you'll agree, it was worth the wait.
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We're baaaaack ...
Posted by Michael on Thursday, September 23, 2010
Allow me first to say that TGW fans are the best fans ever. We received many "where are you guys" and "what's going on lately" emails and messages. Of course, some were a little more aggressive.

It's true ... we have experienced quite a drought in our blog postings. Don't let that make you think that we're not feverishly at work over here, though. We're working hard on Stenches, a big update to Trenches and some new cool stuff.

So, what's new with Stenches? Well, glad you asked ... (everyone get your shocked faces ready) ... it looks like Stenches is going to be a little longer in the oven. We had originally hoped that Stenches would be ready by, well, last week, but we can't help ourselves from throwing in more and more cowbell. The art is done, gameplay is nearly complete, new vocals are recorded and a really epic soundtrack has been loaded. We're SO close, but we've got just a few more things we want to add to really blow your minds. To answer the question EVERYONE is asking: When?!? I think it's safe to say that by the first week in October, you'll be turning all sort of nasty zombie things into little pieces.

Trenches? Yeah, we're still working on Trenches. Do you realize that Trenches came out at Christmas 2009? ... and we're still doing updates! I hope that gives players a sense of how committed we are to support. Okay, okay ... so the German campaign is very, very close to completion. With the new German campaign, you'll (obviously) be able to play a new campaign as the Germans. BUT ... you'll also be able to play the Germans in Skirmish mode. I should point out that this new German campaign is not a reskinned British campaign. Nope! You'd expect more for us, right? The German campaign is completely new. If you've played the British campaign, you'll recognize the difference immediately. There's new missions, new objectives and new artwork. It's really, really cool. I can't wait to you to see it!

So ... October is going to be a big release month for Thunder ... and Christmas . Did anyone catch the coy hint there? More to come on our Christmas releases.
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Stenches, Pygmies and Updates ... oh my!
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Yes, yes ... I quite realize that it's been a MONTH since our last blog post. I think based on that length of silence, we've lost of moral ability to call this a "blog". Sad. Now, maybe we should call it a "somewhat occasional update section". Hmmm ... but blog is so much easier to remember. So, blog it'll stay. Now ... onto the news ...

"What's up with Stenches?!?" Yeah, we're getting that a lot of late. We're working on it ... we really are, but we had some really cool opportunities that we had to jump on. That said, Stenches is coming ... it really is ... we're working on it.

Pygmies are coming to Trenches! Remember that cool opportunity from the previous paragraph? Well, the Pygmy Zombies from Pocket God are due into Trenches with the next update. (Trenches v.17 has due to be released any moment) What a hoot to work with Dave and Allan at Bolt Creative! If you've not played Pocket God, it's one of our favorites and you'll not find a nicer couple of guys as developers on the AppStore. You really should check out Pocket God!

Trenches Updates ... so, you've asked, you've begged ... you've nearly kidnapped our Minister of Propaganda. (At least, that's what he says) What have you been asking for ... simply put, "I want to play as the Germans". Oh! Oh, do you now?!? Well, your wish is our command. We're currently working on an update to Trenches that will include a completely new German Campaign ... and the ability to play as the Germans in Skirmish mode.
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TechCrunch gives Trenches the nod
Posted by Michael on Saturday, August 7, 2010
TechCrunch released their 30 Best iPhone Apps of 2010 today ... with Trenches sitting at number 10!

We would've been excited by a mere mention on such a remarkable list. To be placed at number 10 ... we're truly honored and humbled. We're in very good company. To be on a "Best" list is one thing, to be on TechCrunch's Best list ... with the likes of Angry Birds, God Finger and Plants versus Zombies?!? Pinch us!

This is really a win for the players ... you've played, cheered and supported Trenches ... and you're some of the most vocals players on the planet.

Thanks guys!

Check out the whole list ... there's some really, really great apps on the list.
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Bonjour, Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Posted by Michael on Thursday, July 1, 2010
We're very proud to announce our efforts to begin localizing Trenches into languages other than English. Our first languages will be French and German ... with others coming soon after. We're planning on first translating our AppStore descriptions then, if that seems to resonate with players, we'll under take the gargantuan task of translating the entire game. Let us know what you think!

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que nous avons commencé à localiser Trenches dans des langues autres que l’anglais (le français et l’allemand étant les premières langues ciblées... avec d’autres à venir par la suite). Nous comptons d’abord traduire les éléments descriptifs dans l’AppStore puis, en fonction de la réponse des joueurs, nous entreprendrons l’énorme tâche de traduire tout le reste du jeu. Alors faites-nous part de vos réactions !

Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, unsere Bemühungen bekanntzumachen. Wir werden 'Trenches' neben Englisch in weitere Sprachen lokalisieren. Unsere ersten Sprachen werden Französisch und Deutsch sein .... mit weiteren anderen in der nahen Zukunft. Wir werden zuerst unsere AppStore Beschreibungen übersetzen. Falls diese bei Spielern ankommen, werden wir die enorme Aufgabe angehen, das ganze Spiel zu übersetzen. Lasst uns wissen, was Ihr dazu meint!
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Zombies have taken over!
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, June 30, 2010
What happens when you build a cute, little, unlockable mini-game into a much larger game title? Well, we found out with the Zombie Horde mini-game in Trenches. Zombie Horde quickly became a fan favorite once players started unlocking it. Who would've known?!? We didn't expect players to take to Zombie Horde so quickly and with so much passion. AS is our way ... we just build what the players want ... so ... without further ado ... I present to you ... Stenches. (Did you catch the play on Trenches? We knew you would)

Stenches will be a pick-up and play zombie killing spree on steroids. There will be multiple game play modes including wave survival and distance. Eventually, multiplayer as well ... and, just like in Trenches, multiplayer will be Co-op and Versus.

Players will experience all new areas ... each one with its own frightening characteristics. Then, mixed in with the never-ending waves of horde ... zombie heroes ... of the sort, that you've never seen before. These zombie heroes are freakish mutants that don't appear to care if they waste mindless zombie or terrified soldier. Hold tight, Tommy ... you're in for a LONG night.

Stenches Promo Art

Stenches concept screenshot

Stenches icon
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iOS4 and Trenches
Posted by Michael on Monday, June 28, 2010
We're on the cusp of submitting the iOS4 update for Trenches. We're laying the ground-work for Game Center ... which, if you've been paying attention is the prelude to global multiplayer.

... and global multiplayer with Trenches is going to blow my mind! I can't wait to get completely throttled by all the expert players out there.

So, look for Trenches 1.6.5 coming soon to an AppStore near you.
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Whatcha been up to?
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Has it really been almost a month since my last posting?!? No way ... seriously? Well, I don't know where the time has gone, but we've gotten a lot of stuff done.

A new update for Trenches is coming ... that should blow players' minds. Seriously ... this is such a huge undertaking it's rivaling the multiplayer update.

Don't speak English ... we're working with a localization experts to bring Trenches to you in your native language. But, I suppose, if you don't speak English, you still don't know that we're solving it. So ... er ... never mind ... moving on.

We've also got a couple new projects we're working on. I'll be posting the concept art very soon. With official announcements to start immediately after ... including launch dates. But really, why should I put a date out there? Have we EVER hit one of our launch dates ... ever? Don't answer that ... we know.

Hang in there, Faithful ... I'll be posting a bunch of new updates coming soon.
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Two new projects to be displayed at WWDC
Posted by Michael on Saturday, June 5, 2010
We've submitted updates to TrenchesVS and Trenches Boot Camp ... but that's not all we're up to. We've got two new projects that we're prepared to share at WWDC.

We've been working on a functional prototype for a new game that we're in the throws of building out. We're looking to make the official announcement very soon. While we're still cagey about this next title to be released, I can offer a hint ... We hope you're good at Zombie Horde.

We're also looking for provide a sneak peek at the promo art for another new title. It's somewhat less built out, but it's one that we think the player will be very excited about. You've been asking for it since late March.

If you're going to be at WWDC, please send us an email ... we've love to show you the new things we're working on.
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Thunder's next game prototype to be displayed at WWDC
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, June 1, 2010
The Thunder Game Works coders are busy developing a prototype of our next game title in time to show off at WWDC. We're super excited about this new game and trust that it's going to generate a lot of interest.

It's still early and we're pretty tight lipped about the art and concept, but we're confident that it'll impress.

We're hopeful that the production version of the game will be ready this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for more official announcements.
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Trenches bug fixes coming
Posted by Michael on Friday, May 28, 2010
We've received emails from players identifying some glitches and small bugs in the latest version of Trenches. These are being worked on as I type and we'll have a new build to Apple very soon to address these bugs.

The stuff we're working on is:
- When Zombies die they look like German Riflemen
- The Troops Auto Advance option is stuck on

Then for Trenches Boot Camp ... the latest build bumped it over 20M. Up over the 3G network download limit. Oops! Sorry 'bout that. We're working on this one too.

Fear not, loyal players ... we're on it!
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Engineers delayed?
Posted by Michael on Friday, May 21, 2010
Is the approval of the awaited Trenches Engineers release delayed? I wish we knew. It's been a week since we submitted Trenches v1.6. As much as the players want Engineers, imagine how much we want Engineers!

The good news though is that the Engineers release for Trenches boot Camp was approved last night, soooooo ... we're hoping that means Trenches will be approved soon.
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Engineers: TrenchesVS 1.6 has been submitted
Posted by Michael on Friday, May 14, 2010
Mere moments ago, we finished our final testing and submitted the latest version of Trenches to the AppStore. If you haven't been following along with the group, you'd likely not realize that TrenchesVS v1.6 contains a new unit; Engineers. You'd also probably not know that Engineers have the unique ability to turn trenches into bunker. They can also lay wire and cut wire.

If you've not been keeping up, it's likely you're unaware that this update also includes grenades! This handy little artillery-in-a-can devices can be used quite effectively to clear difficult enemy trenches. Yummy!

Poor, poor you ... you wouldn't know any of that. Unless you've been paying attention. To those that have ... welcome to the Engineer's version of TrenchesVS.
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Trenches v1.6 submission is imminent
Posted by Michael on Thursday, May 13, 2010
If you've read previous entries, you'll know that the Trenches v1.6 update could change everything for Trenches players. The addition of Engineers and their ability to modify the battlefield is going to shake up your ingrained strategies. Add to that grenades and their talent of clearing trenches and you've got a whole new level of tactics.

Forget what you think you know ... here comes Trenches v1.6
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Thunder's going to Cali!
Posted by Michael on Friday, May 7, 2010
The business side of the Thunder Game Works (El Presidente, Michael Taylor, and Minister of Propaganda, Kris Jones) will be heading to WWDC 2010 in San Francisco.

We've missed so many other shows while we've been sequestered away developing Trenches. While, we're still working on Trenches ... we're hoping we can sneak out of town for a couple days without anyone noticing. It's probably a safe bet, since most of our day is spent eating pizza and throwing fish at the people who park in our lot.

It's going to be great basking in the glow of all the Appstore stars. We're going to be like 13 year-old girls all starry-eyed standing there weak-kneed at the edge of the red carpet. "Notice me ... notice me!"

Hey, if you've got nothing better to do and would like some pointers on throwing fish for distance and accuracy ... send us an email and we'll try to hook-up. We'll be there June 7th through the 9th. Can't stay for the whole show ... not enough quarters for the parking meter.
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Trenches v1.6 underway
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, May 4, 2010
For about a week now, we've been working feverishly on bringing a new unit to Trenches. We're excited to announce Engineers will be in Trenches v1.6!

Engineers will possess the unique ability to improve the battlefield. You'll soon be able to make your trenches into bunkers. Not only that, Engineers will carry trench guns ... nasty little shotguns that lay waste to any enemy that stumbles within range. But that's not all ...

With Trenches v1.6, Engineers and Sergeant grade Riflemen will have a new weapon to help extract entrenched enemies ... the Grenade!

We're hoping Trenches v1.6, the Sappers release will be hitting in mid-May.
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iPad giveaway - drawing the winning UDID
Posted by Michael on Monday, May 3, 2010
Alright, Listen up Heroes, Protagonists and Victims ...

We're going to be drawing the winning UDID very soon (VERY soon). Consider this your last notice to make sure you sure your email address loaded in your OpenFeint account.

If your UDID is drawn, you'll receive an email from OpenFeint. You'll need to follow the instructions in this email within 24 hours. If you don't respond within 24 hours, we'll have to move on to the next potential winner.

Once we've confirmed the winner, we'll post that information here. Then within a couple of days, we'll post the next contest. (tease)

Now, you're ready to win!
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Trenches Boot Camp is out!
Posted by Michael on Saturday, April 24, 2010
Trenches Boot Camp, the free Trenches trainer, has been released to the AppStore. Boot Camp is not only an expanded trainer for Trenches, effectively it's a Lite version.

In Boot Camp, you'll be given very specific tasks and objectives as you learn the fine craft of World War One animated battlefield management.
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TrenchesVS iPad giveaway mid-term
Posted by Michael on Thursday, April 15, 2010
So, we're almost halfway to our iPad giveaway deadline. We've found it interesting is that we've amassed just under 5000 contest entries. That's a lot of active TrenchesVS players!

That said, there's still plenty of time to get your name on the list for the first time ... and on the list again.

It's easy ... all you have to do is play TrenchesVS in multiplayer mode against a friend. Each time you play a friend with a new device, you're both entered again. Who doesn't want to win an iPad just for playing with friends on TrenchesVS?!? Sounds like a perfect day to me ... the only thing better is a truckload of spicy beef jerky! (If you don't like jerky, then I meant the thing you like ... and a truckload of it)

So ... get TrenchesVS on your friend's devices, play and win!
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Trenches Online Play is coming ...
Posted by Michael on Thursday, April 8, 2010
People, people ... calm down and have a seat.

We've been getting feedback that players aren't happy that they can't play online with this first version of TrenchesVS. Let me see if I can clear the air ...

Local play TrenchesVS was finished first and we didn't see any reason to hold it back. TrenchesVS Online is coming ... it's just not down yet. And don't worry, when TrenchesVS coming out, we'll be doing another iPad giveaway.

So ... play TrenchesVS with your friends locally for now and home your skills for the TrenchesVS Online that'll be coming.

Now, return your pitchforks and torches to the closet, know that we're hearing you and know that we're working for you.

Now, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming ...
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Play TrenchesVS and win an iPad!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, March 25, 2010
Yes, it's true ... your eye holes have not deceived you! To celebrate TrenchesVS, we're giving away a new iPad.

TrenchesVS brings this Top 10 seller to a whole new level with multiplayer Castle defense/attack. Multiplayer mode sports Cooperative play and Versus battles. TrenchesVS is not a new app, it's not DLC ... nope, it's a no-cost update to Trenches. We're so passionate about supporting our loyal fans, we're giving away multiplayer.

... And to celebrate, we're giving away a brand new iPad to one lucky player.

To be entered to win, all you need to do is play TrenchesVS in any of the multiplayer modes ... Coop, Versus, Zombie Horde, Battle, King of the Trench. Here's the deal ... every time you play with a new opponent, you're entered to win again. So, play often and play with lots of different players.

To ensure we can get a hold of you to award you the new iPad, please make sure your OpenFeint account has valid contact information. If your name is drawn and we can't contact you ... it shouldn't surprise you that we'll move on to the next potential winner.

Play TrenchesVS and win an iPad! Pretty sweet! Who loves, ya, players?!? ;)

Slay on my friends ...

Here's the rules 'n' stuff ...
The TrenchesVS iPad giveaway will run from the release of TrenchesVS until April 30, 2010. The winner will be notified by email from OpenFeint. In order to be notified, you must have a valid email address associated to your OpenFeint account. An OpenFeint representative will notify the winner the following week and ask them to claim their prize of the iPad. If the winner does not claim their prize within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected. The OpenFeint selection of the winner is final.

The contest winner will be pulled randomly from a group of players that have demonstrated a high frequency of playing combined with a high number of different opponents. The more people you play TrenchesVS with the more chances you have to win. The contest winner will not be considered based on score or proficiency in TrenchesVS.

The contest prize is a 16GB WiFi iPad. This iPad is new in the box from Apple and will be shipped directly to the winner to an address in the United States, Canada or United Kingdom. Unfortunately, due to restrictions with laws here in the United States, we can only ship the iPad to those geographic areas.

In winning, you agree to have your name and likeness leveraged to the greatest extent possible by modern marketing techniques. You may be asked to pose for several magazine covers and an Indian major motion picture movie. Actually, none of those are true, but we would like to get a photo of you enjoying TrenchesVS to post on our website.
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Trenches v1.5.1 has been submitted
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, March 24, 2010
We recently launched TrenchesVS; our local multiplayer update to Trenches. Unfortunately, there were ... er ... some unexpected additions to the software that caused some players issues.

Fear not! We've heard your cries!

We actually just submitted the update to TrenchesVS that fixes the issue. How's that for response time? Only the Police and maybe your mother is faster ...

Good gibs to you!
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TrenchesVS heading out to the beta group today
Posted by Michael on Saturday, March 20, 2010
A release candidate for TrenchesVS, the long awaited multiplayer addition to Trenches, is heading to the beta test group today. You know what that means ... submission of TrenchesVS is imminent ... as soon as Monday.

TrenchesVS is going to bring this Top 10 seller to a whole new level with multiplayer Castle defense/attack. With the TrenchesVS addition, we've added a new Skirmish Battle type specifically designed for multiplayer ... King of the Trench! We're super excited about what this means for players and for Trenches.

We've been playing TrenchesVS for the last couple of weeks and it is so much fun. TrenchesVS is like Trenches, but ten times better ... who doesn't giggle with joy when they make gibs out of their best friend's army.

How much you does it cost, you ask?
We've been asked numerous times ... is TrenchesVS going to be a new title ... is TrenchesVS going to be DLC? Well, I think I've got good news. In line with our freakish commitment to our players and loyal fans, we've committed to releasing TrenchesVS as a free update to Trenches. Yep! You heard correctly! TrenchesVS will be free for existing owners ... but ... the news isn't all good. Once TrenchesVS is approved, we're likely going to raise the price to somewhere between $1.99 and $2.99 USD. If you want TrenchesVS for the sale price ... you better buy it this weekend. Consider yourself warned ... *grin*
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TrenchesVS is in final testing!
Posted by Michael on Thursday, March 11, 2010
We knew from the very beginning that we wanted Trenches to be multiplayer. It's a tenuous thing ... what do you build first? Well, we've finally gotten through the pile of development to the brass ring ... multiplayer.

TrenchesVS is so much fun. Playing Cooperative on Zombie Horde is a blast ... and Versus on Battle ... and then the new Skirmish type King of the Trench is a real hoot!

The testing is going well and we're down to basically tweaking. It looks really solid. The couple real bugs are being fixed as I type this update.

I can't wait to show off TrenchesVS!

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Trenches v1.3 has been released
Posted by Michael on Thursday, February 18, 2010
We had mere moments ago that Trenches v1.3 has been approved by Apple.

Trenches v1.3 carries an easier Easy Campaign. Now, the Germans don't have HE Artillery until the last two battles and they don't start with a unit advantage. They generally get what you get. That said, no changes have been made to the other difficulty levels, so if you're looking for a challenge, tap Medium and buckle up.

Also, in v1.3 is a much requested "Restart Mission" option in the Pause menu ... that could be used when all hope is lost.

Slay on ... my friends, slay on!
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Trenches v1.2.6 is out!
Posted by Michael on Monday, February 8, 2010
Just moments ago, Apple approved Trenches v1.2.6 onto the AppStore. This is an important release as it resolves crashing issues in a small percentage of players. Yep, that crashing thing ... fixed.

Trenches v1.2.6 is also carrying a payload of game balancing. No longer will the Snipers be the master of the battlefield. Be forewarned ... you'll need to protect Snipers more.

This release paves the way for multiplayer ... which we're SO excited about!
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Trenches multiplayer is officially underway
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, February 2, 2010
We've started work toward the most epic portion of our master plan; Trenches multiplayer ... codenamed TrenchesVS.

We knew from the outset, when Trenches was just a dream, that we were going to deliver multiplayer. Now, to see it underway, well ... it's pretty gratifying.

We're going to deliver multiplayer in three stages:
1) Bluetooth multiplayer
2) Local Wifi
3) Global Match-Making

We're starting with Bluetooth, since that's going to be the easiest level of multiplayer integrated while allow us to solve the bigger problems of having two players on the same battlefield. With Bluetooth out of the way, the next two WiFi projects should fall pretty quick.

Buckle up players ... TrenchesVS is coming. Look for it as early as March 2010.
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Trenches Hot Fix submitted
Posted by Michael on Monday, February 1, 2010
Like we've always said, we read all the TouchArcade forum postings and all the Trenches user reviews. Through these we've seen reports of Trenches crashing. Ack! "Trenches crashing?!?"

Trenches sports a silent crash catcher that uploads all the appropriate crash data to Central Command here in the TGW bunkers. Using these crash reports, I'm very happy to tell you that Trenches v1.2.6 will resolve 90% of the reported crash issues.

Let this be known folks: We're freakishly committed to making Trenches the single great value on the AppStore. Now, you're on notice ... you have no excuse not to tell your friends, family, employers, garbage men, etc. to get Trenches. Oh ... and once multiplayer comes out, you'll have no excuse not to tell your enemies too.
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Trenches v1.2.5 has been submitted ... time for a Sale!
Posted by Michael on Friday, January 22, 2010
Trenches v1.2.5 was submitted to Apple last night and we're making the official announcement today.

Trenches v1.2.5 will sport a deeply expanded Campaign with alternating standard battles and arcade style battles. You'll also see new gestures, like the two finger swipe for All Advance. Then there's the exploding bunkers at the end of the battles ... and, of course, the the villain, Von Hindenburg, is exposed.

Add to that, we've thrown in some new Skirmish battle types and lots of bugs fixes and unit balancing tweaks.

So, what's next? Well, hold on to your helmets ... multiplayer. Can you imagine playing Trenches multiplayer, both competitive and cooperative? I certainly can and have been dreaming of it for some time now.

Keep your eyes peeled for Trenches v1.2.5 to be released. Until it does, Trenches is on sale for half price! Half! So, you get twice as much cowbell for half the price ... as least until v1.2.5 hits the AppStore.

Slay on my friends ... slay on!
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We'd like to thank all the little people ...
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, January 13, 2010
While we didn't win an Emmy, we are featured on as the App of the Day for January 13th. We'd like to thank the guys over at AppOfTheDay. They clearly have great taste.

Check it out ... Trenches on AppOfTheDay
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Trenches v1.02 released today
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, January 12, 2010
You heard correctly. The hot fix to Trenches is out. Aside from fixing that pesky crashing thing that some devices discovered, it also introduced the most sweeping unit balancing yet.

"Trenches has really become a thinking man's game", says Aaron Morse, Trenches Developer. Aaron is a strategy gamer's strategy gamer. So, he's the natural pick to head up gameplay balancing.

So, buckle up for a new level of sophistication with this latest update.
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Interview with Trenches music composer
Posted by Michael on Thursday, January 7, 2010
Kyle and Larry of Nitro Game Injection sit down with Kenny Keyn, the musical composer for Trenches. Kenny is a huge gaming music geek and really brought his talent and passion to the musical score for Trenches.

Kenny, Kyle and Larry chat about Trenches inspiration and games of their youth. Nitro Game Injection (NGI) is a video game music and discussion podcast that focuses on original soundtracks, remixes, covers, chiptunes, doujin music, and game-inspired originals. The show also covers and discusses the communities that encompass the game music scene, including OverClocked ReMix, Dwelling of Duels/The Shizz, VGMdb, KWED, and others.

Nitro Game Injection interview with Kenny Keyn

Through Kenny's great composition skills, Trenches sports original musical composition and adaptive gameplay scores. Thanks, Kenny ... nice job!

We're also working with OverClocked ReMix to release the Trenches EP. If you're interested in the Trenches EP, let us know. The Trenches EP will be a free MP3 download.
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Interview with Jeff at NoDPad
Posted by Michael on Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Just wanted to send out a quick notice that NoDPad has posted an interview we had with Jeff over there.

Jeff is a connoisseur of all things iPhone and, for some inexplicable reason, he seems to like Trenches. We appreciate Jeff's accurate critique of Trenches. By the way: Trenches is NoDPad's first Must Have application of 2010.

Trenches: An Interview with Thunder Game Works

Thanks for your time, Jeff. Good gibs to you!
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Trenches Data Update v4
Posted by Michael on Monday, January 4, 2010
A new Trenches data update is due within hours. Here's what you can expect ...

Trenches Data v4
- Riflemen have been ... er ... balanced
- Miscellaneous unit balancing
- Coin accrual adjusted
- Greater advantages to Field Commanders

Trenches Data Updates allow us to react to global battle and victory conditions and maintain competitive playability. You do not need to do anything to receive this data update.
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Trenches Data Update v3
Posted by Michael on Sunday, January 3, 2010
The second Trenches data update is due to hit in moments. Here's what you can expect ...

Trenches Data v3
- Zombies start out a little easier Sorry 'bout the bulletproof zombies

Trenches Data Updates allow us to react to global battle and victory conditions and maintain competitive playability. You do not need to do anything to receive this data update.
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Trenches Data Update v2
Posted by Michael on Saturday, January 2, 2010
Our first "over the ether" data update to Trenches hit just moments ago.

Trenches Data v2
- Zombies start out much harder
- Zombies get increasingly harder the longer you survive

Trenches Data Updates allow us to react to global battle and victory conditions and maintain competitive playability. You do not need to do anything to receive this data update. It will automatically load onto devices with Trenches v1.01.
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Trenches v1.01 coming ...
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, December 30, 2009
We've heard and have responded.

Trenches v1.01 submission is imminent.

In this release, we've expanded the reach of the network updates. You'll notice 1st generation device are supported, Zombie Horde is harder and the unit balance is closer.

There's lot more we're working on. We've got a very long view for Trenches and we're committed to making it the best game possible through regular network and software updates.
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Trenches reviews are coming in ...
Posted by Michael on Monday, December 28, 2009
We're super excited about the reception that Trenches is enjoying ... from players and reviewers alike.

We've recently read a great review on NoDPad. Jeff does what we think is a pretty accurate critique of Trenches. Trenches Review: Truly A Game to End All Games

There's also a French review that ... while we can't understand it ... we're sure is good. La guerre des tranchées sur iPhone (what ever the heck *that* means) I should point out that using Google Translate (which is what we did) ... only served to inspire laughs and curious looks at each other, but didn't really help us read it. I should've paid more attention in French class.

We're scouring the interwebs for more reviews ... and we'll bring them to you when we find them.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates to Trenches. We're freakish about continuing to roll out new features, battle types, little tweaks and bug fixes. Here's the immediate short list: 1st Gen devices [check], Harder Zombie Horde [It's coming], Longer Campaign [You got it] ... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Enjoy the destruction!
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Merry Christmas ... Pieces on Earth and good war to men!
Posted by Michael on Friday, December 25, 2009
Trenches is out!

Yep, you heard right ... we're proud to announce that Trenches is available on the AppStore Christmas Day. iTunes gift cards unite!

While Trenches has been released, the AI tuning continues without the need of pesky resubmission. Trenches, built on the Thunder Game Engine, has the ability to update the AI through data feeds directly to Trenches on your iDevice.

This ground-breaking technology allows the Thunder Game Works team to monitor, tweak and alter the enemy AI. This network update is a further step beyond the adaptive portions of Trenches. As the player base grows for Trenches, the AI will become smarter and smarter.

Enjoy Trenches ... and Merry Christmas!

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TouchArcade releases the Trenches promo video
Posted by Michael on Saturday, December 19, 2009
We sure like the people over at TouchArcade and, it appears, they like Trenches. Even at this time of the year, TouchArcade still made time for Trenches. We take that as a nod from some very seasoned iPhone people.

We're super pleased about the excitement Trenches has garnered in such a short amount of time. We're working our tails off to ensure that Trenches is better than you're imagining.

Head over to TouchArcade, read the article and tell 'em what you think. We trust you'll like what you see.

Trenches @ TouchArcade
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Trenches submission is imminent
Posted by Michael on Thursday, December 17, 2009
Has it really been three weeks since our last blog posting?

My apologies for the long radio silence. This silence should not communicate a lack of work on our side. We haven't been at the beach ... quite the opposite. Over the last week, our days have looked like this: Play test, bug fix, new feature ... repeat.

We've been testing, bug fixing, re-testing, adding new cool things that we didn't think of earlier, testing, fixing ... and now, after nearly a week solid of testing and bug-hunting, submission is within reach.

As you likely know, we've been testing Trenches over the last few weeks, but this week has been a real grind. Just testing, testing, testing ... it's really nice that Trenches is so fun or I might be given to remember this is my job.

While we've not yet made our mark on the AppStore, but when we do we hope that you'll appreciate our freakish focus on excellence and bug-free software. Look, we play the same games you're playing. We hate those obvious bugs as much as you do ... maybe more! That's why we've put Trenches though its paces countless times ... our testers have amassed an innumerable number of play hours.

All that to say this: Trenches submission is imminent ... as is a promo video, screenshots and gameplay hints.
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More Trenches vocals released
Posted by Michael on Monday, November 30, 2009
We're getting closer and closer to the submission of Trenches. So much so that Tommy and Jerry are getting agitated and have taken to scrapping in the break room. It appears that Jerry likes Junior Mints, a great deal, and Tommy's been buying them out of all the vending machines within a three block radius. Turns out, Tommy doesn't like the little chocolate covered mints and has been feeding them to squirrels ... who, curiously, hate them as well. Jerry's none to happy ... who wants mints that have been rolled around in a squirrel's cheeks?

This little squabble has turned out to make things a little uncomfortable around here. What with Jerry gluing the toilet paper rolls together and the overt challenges to Tommy's manhood. It's going to come to fisticuffs soon.

Settle boys, decide it on the field.

In the meantime, here's some covert tapings we've done to give you an idea of what we're dealing with.

"How do you like your pain ...
one lump or two?"

"What do you think of the battlefield, uh? Scary?"

Call the U.N. if we don't post again within a week. Wait ... on second thought ...
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Original vocals for Trenches finalized
Posted by Michael on Thursday, November 19, 2009
Several weeks ago, TGW entered the recording studio with a talented group of voice actors. We had written a script containing the necessary lines and recordings we needed for Trenches. With those recorded ... we let loose and asked the voice actors to just, well, go improv. What we got was more than we expected.

What a blast! We sat back and listened (and laughed) as broken accent insults were hurled back and forth. Pretty soon we realized that what we were getting was far better than what we had scripted. So for the next hour, we listened as voice actors went after each other ... in character of course.

The great tragedy is that we couldn't use all we had recorded. Not that it wasn't great ... all of it, truly. No, it was that there was too much material. Just like any other production, there's gold lying on the cutting room floor. So ... I figured I'd sneak some of it out to you guys ...

Here's a quick sample of what we DIDN'T use ... this stuff would be good in Trenches, but it's not as good as the stuff we kept.

Enjoy ...

"Oh No, the Jerries are coming. I'm so scared, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh ..."

"Perhaps you should have you Mommy come and fight for you , Jah?"

Hope you enjoyed it! Can't wait for the release of Trenches.
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Fully Illustrated in strange company
Posted by Michael on Monday, November 16, 2009
Soon after we made our announcement of Trenches, Michael Heald over at Fully Illustrated unveiled his involvement.

Michael was our choice for Creative Director for Trenches and the Thunder Game Works brand. We gave Michael pretty simple instructions ... pull out all the stops and impress us. Wow ... did he ever!

Michael is world-class and has captured and perfected all our original ideas and design concepts for Trenches. He designed, created and delivered all the graphics in the game and we couldn't be happier. We think you will be as well.

See what Michael said about Trenches on the FI-Blog ... and tell him his good buddies at TGW say, "Hello!"
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TouchArcade knows the deal!
Posted by Michael on Saturday, November 14, 2009
We've introduced Trenches to the world ... or, at least, kind of. You can see the growing conversation on TouchArcade's Upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch Games Forum.

We'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you think Trenches is going to be ... Diner Dash style game, Credit Card Processing utility, Handheld Navigation system? Ooooo ... those are close.

Trenches - Official Thread on TouchArcade
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TAKE COVER, indeed!
Posted by Michael on Saturday, November 14, 2009
... or hide behind your Mamma's apron. Trenches is coming and the AI knows where you live ... and don't bother trying to surrender, it doesn't take prisoners.

Trenches is going to sport a lot of compelling features and depth in game play; Original Voice Acting, Adaptive Difficulty, Silent Unlockables ... just to name a few.

Buckle up, strap in, hold on and get ready ... it's coming ...
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